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31. januar: Vi har fanget The Dillinger Escape Plan-bassist Liam Wilson til en snak om koncerten – læs interviewet længere nede.

Det amerikanske mathcore-band The Dillinger Escape Plan udgiver deres sjette studiealbum til oktober. Titlen er ”Dissociation”, og det kommer ikke til at gå stille for sig, når bandet denne aften rammer VoxHall.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan blev hurtigt synonymt med genren mathcore, da de debuterede med pladen ”Calculating Infinity” tilbage i 1999. Mathcore blomstrede for alvor i nullerne, hvor The Dillinger Escape Plan sammen med et band som Converge blandede hardcore, grind og sågar jazz i systematiske temposkift.

Faith No Mores Mike Patton svingede forbi projektet for en kort overgang og hjalp til som midlertidig frontmand på EP’en ”Irony Is A Dead Scene”, da det heftige turnéliv blev for meget for forsangerer Dimitri Minikaki. Senere indtog Greg Puciato rollen som ny forsanger, og han viste sig hurtigt at gå godt i spænd med The Dillinger Escpape Plans ry for at producere vilde og lige frem voldelige koncerter.

Det er altså ikke til at sige, hvad man kan forvente sig, når de fem vrede mathcore-herrer denne aften rammer VoxHall.

Interview med Liam Wilson
What can the audience expect from the show?
“For as much attention as our impending breakup has received, we’re all still very focused on supporting our new record. Fans should expect the usual high energy sensual overload we’re known for. The set will span our whole career (as they usually do), but with minimal nostalgia and sentimentality.”

What merch do you bring?
“We’ll have copies of our new album, Dissociation, on vinyl and cd, as well as a selection of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, one shirt features tour dates, a beanie, flag, pins…and lots of sarcastic remarks and handsome looks provided by our swiss-army-man-of-many-hats – Steve O.”

Which song do you prefer performing live?
“I like a challenge, and I like new things…So, at the moment, its Low Feels Blvd. off our latest album. It requires a tremendous amount of focus to play that one confidently, and also has some improvisational moments for me on bass, which is always simultaneously exciting and intimidating – which is what every Dillinger show should be!”

How has the tour been so far?
“Great so far, we just left the UK and play tonight in Tilburg, Netherlands. It feels good to be in mainland Europe again. UK fans got us warmed up and loose, we’re ready to keep plowing through Europe and beyond until the wheels officially fall off!”

What does it feel like being on the final Dillinger Escape Plan tour?
“Bittersweet. Its strange counting the shows down vs. adding them up. I love the unknown, and I’m looking forward to everything else I’ve got going on personally with music. For now, I’m not really focusing on how and when its going to end. I’m staying in the moment, living for it…I’ve played every show like it was my last for the past 17 years or so, in that sense, this feels no different other than knowing that sooner or later, one of these shows will be the last.”

How would you describe your new album, “Dissociation”?
“Its the “most Dillinger” record we’ve ever done. I think this is the most unhinged, and schizophrenic record we’ve ever composed, but also the most sensitive and honest. Its the widest reaching and also most ‘on our sleeve’ our influences have ever been, at least to us. Once we heard it, we knew it had to be the final chapter – the muse gets the last say in these matters.”

What are your plans for the spring and summer?
“Dillinger will have some festival shows peppered in throughout the Spring and Summer. In the meantime, I have another death metal band that sounds like a bad trip called John Frum that will release a full-length in May, as well as another female-fronted thrash band heavily inspired by Joni Mitchell called Azusa – clearing those projects for landing is my priority anytime Dillinger slows down. Otherwise, just cramming in quality time with my wife and daughter.”

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