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3. august: Vi har fanget Eleanor Friedberger til en snak om koncerten – læs interviewet længere nede.

Amerikanske Eleanor Friedberger er en eklektisk sanger/sangskriver, der på kreativ vis favner både folk, rock og synthpop.

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Eleanor Friedberger dannede i år 2000 indierock-duoen The Fiery Furnaces med sin bror, Matthew Friedberger – sammen nåede de to at udgive en lang række plader, inden de i 2011 besluttede at trække stikket på ubestemt tid. Begge valgte de imidlertid at forfølge nye musikalske projekter, og for Eleanors vedkommende betød det, at hun kastede sig over en solokarriere i eget navn. Allerede samme år var hun klar med sit første solo-album, “Last Summer”, der udkom på det hæderkronede indie-pladeselskab Merge Records og fik flotte anmeldelser hele vejen rundt. Også toeren “Personal Record”, der blev skrevet i samarbejde med forfatteren og folk-sanger/sangskriveren John Wesley Harding, blev modtaget med masser af lovord. På det tredje album, det ligeledes roste “New View” (2016), var hun skiftet til Frenchkiss Records, der også var medafsender på hendes hidtil seneste album, “Rebound”, der udkom så sent som i maj i år og af mange betragtes som hendes hidtil stærkeste solo-bedrift.

Interview med Eleanor Friedberger
What can the audience expect from the show?
“First off – I’m really excited to be in Aarhus for the first time and I wish I had more time to explore the city. I’ll be playing a solo set; guitar and vocals with a few backing tracks. I’m trying to learn some new, old songs for the set, including a few very old Fiery Furnaces songs. But mostly I’ll be playing songs from “Rebound” and my previous three solo albums.”

What merch do you bring?
“Let’s see what I can squeeze into my suitcase. Traveling solo means keeping it light, so I may only have a few CDs and tote bags – but the tote bags are beautiful; five color screen printing reproduction of my painting on the cover of “Rebound”.”

Which song do you prefer performing live?
“That’s like asking a mother which kid she prefers – actually it’s a harder question than that! Looking forward to playing “It’s Hard” from “Rebound”, just because I haven’t played it in front of a live audience yet.”

How have your most recent concerts been?
“The week “Rebound” was released in May, I played a handful of shows with a full band. It was fun to rearrange the songs for a rock band; guitar, bass and drums. Since the album had just come out, the audience was only familiar with a few of the new songs. I’m looking forward to playing now to an audience that has lived with the record for a while and has their own favorites and connection to the songs.”

How would you describe your backing band (if you bring any)?
“I’ll be on my own!”

Which live act (band and/or artist) is your favorite – and why?
“The two albums I’m most looking forward to are from Cate Le Bon and Chris Cohen. Hopefully they’ll both be out early next year. I think they’re the most interesting singer-songwriters going right now. Both very talented musically, but maybe more importantly, their on and off stage personas are a little mysterious, and I think they both keep pushing themselves to try something new.”

How would you describe your latest album, “Rebound”?
“I stumbled upon a blog that described “Rebound” as sounding like life in a perpetual trance. I’m not sure of that, but I definitely feel that it’s more of a meditation, representing more of an interior dialogue than my previous albums; it’s not a party. I chose to not work with a band and to try to record as much of it myself as I could. Drum machines, synthesizers and simple guitar leads dominate the scene.”

What are your plans for the autumn?
“I’ll be touring a lot; alone and with a band – two bands actually: a US band and a European band. Hopefully I won’t get too confused with who’s who and what’s what! I’m looking forward to seeing how different musician interpret and reinterpret the songs.”

Beslægtede navne
Laura Veirs
Natalie Prass

“While writing some of the most accessible music of her career, she makes fun of the assignment a bit while completing it. The maturity of her songwriting voice on Rebound is staggering, and makes her enterprise feel like an emotionally embodied exercise as well as a technical, aesthetic one.” (Spin, 2018 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

“Friedberger’s economical way with language, the way she can pack complex emotions into the space of a few lines, testifies to her craftsmanship. Though its origins are relatively modest–a woman alone with her thoughts and a cheap keyboard–Rebound doesn’t sound like a bedroom record.” (Chicago Tribune, 2018 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

“Rebound sees bits of the Fiery Furnaces sound creeping back in. There aren’t any backwards-mixed vocals or abrupt key changes, but synths and programmed drums return to augment a batch of songs somewhat less rooted in concrete storytelling details.” (The A.V. Club, 2018 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

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