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15. februar: Vi har fanget Russian Circles-bassist Brian Cook til en snak om koncerten – læs interviewet længere nede.

Amerikanske Russian Circles spiller en skiftevis puslende og hårdtslående, episk, instrumental og yderst stemningsmættet blanding af post-metal og post-rock.

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Om Russian Circles
Russian Circles blev dannet af guitaristen Mike Sullivan og bassisten Colin DeKuiper i Chicago i 2004, og kort efter blev trommeslageren Dave Turncrantz indlemmet i projektet. DeKuiper forlod bandet i 2007, men blev kort efter erstattet af Brian Cook, der sammen med Sullivan og Turncrantz endnu udgør trioens line-up den dag i dag. Bandet albumdebuterede i 2006 med “Enter” og spillede samme år på SXSW-festivalen i Texas, og ellers gik størstedelen af de indledende år med at turnere med etablerede bands som Boris, Isis og Mono – blandt mange andre toneangivende, progressive bands. I 2007 fungerede Russian Circles som supportband for Tool på disses UK-turné, og det efterfølgende år udkom bandets andet album, “Station”, mens treeren “Geneva” allerede landede i 2009. Siden er udkommet yderligere tre album, hvoraf “Guidance” (2016) er det seneste – et album, der sammen med de to forrige værker udkom på det meget anerkendte pladeselskab Sargent House.

Interview med Brian Cook
What can the audience expect from the show?
“Three old dudes playing dark music in a dark room. I’m trying to set the bar low in terms of your expectations so that everyone will be impressed when we actually do something interesting… Whatever that might be. What can we expect from VoxHall?”

What merch do you bring (if any)?
“We will have music in various physical formats as part of our ongoing attempt to keep the act of record collecting alive. If nothing else, having an extensive vinyl collection means having a modest insurance plan if you encounter some financial hardship. Or if nuclear winter descends upon us, then you have plenty of petroleum products you can burn for warmth. We’ll also have shirts and hoodies to protect you from the elements when the power grid goes down and we all have to revert back to Stone Age tribalism. Buy one for your loved ones too, unless of course you want to them freeze to death so that you have a protein-rich food source during the apocalypse.”

Which song do you prefer performing live?
“My favorite song to play live is the one about reverting back to Stone Age tribalism after the collapse of modern industrialized society. That’s basically all of our songs, though I guess no one knows that because they’re all instrumental. Sometimes I convince myself that the songs are actually about eating ethically-sourced affogato on a sunny terrace in a post-capitalism utopia, but that’s only on days when I’m really grumpy.”

How has the tour been so far?
“I’m still at home in New York. But I look forward to the tour if only to have a brief escape from Trump’s America.”

How would you describe your new album, “Guidance”?
“I don’t really know. I don’t particularly like talking about our albums in that sort of descriptive manner. I’m just too close to it; too emotionally attached. I don’t have the outsider’s perspective to really provide an illuminating overview of what the record sounds like. Trying to talk about something I’ve made feels a little like discussing how I look today. “Really well put together. Really beautiful. Totally nailed it. Utter perfection.” Or maybe “kinda crusty, a bit of a mess, and generally dirty” is more accurate.”

How would you describe your bandmates?
“Haha! This is much easier. They’re total fucking weirdos.”

What do you think of the support act, Cloakroom?
“We love Cloakroom. We took them out for a short tour around the Midwest and found that they were kindred spirits. Musically, they balance beauty and aggression in a really unique way. As people, they’re charming and pleasant. Also, they’re from the barren wastelands of Indiana, which we’re hoping means they have good survival instincts if Trump decides to start World War Three while we’re on tour. Or at least they’d better have good survival instincts, because there’s not much meat on their bones to feed us in the event of a nuclear winter.”

What are your plans for the spring and summer?
“Hopefully not being eaten by my bandmates in the wake of the collapse of civilization. I’m the fat one, which doesn’t bode well for me.”

Beslægtede navne
This Will Destroy You

“Doom has never sounded so good.” (The Guardian, 2016 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

“Guidance is not only Russian Circles’ best album yet, but a standard-bearer for heavy, guitar-based instrumental music.” (The 405, 2016 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

“Guidance is a masterpiece in the art of emotional communication through musicianship, an album which ultimately, despite its darkness, serves to inspire and uplift–a true reflection of the human experience.” (Drowned In Sound, 2016 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

“Compared to Memorial, the band’s previous release, Guidance plays it straight and heavy, granting the listener fewer moments of mercy from the onslaught of Russian Circles’ music.” (Exclaim, 2016 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

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