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16. maj: Vi har fanget Rennie Sparks fra The Handsome Family til en snak om koncerten – læs interviewet længere nede.

Amerikanske The Handsome Family spiller ypperlig og stemningsfuld alternativ country spundet om foruroligende tekster og stærke stemmer.

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Om The Handsome Family
The Handsome Family blev dannet i 1993 og udgøres af ægteparret Rennie og Brett Sparks – hun skriver teksterne og han musikken; Rennie håndterer bas og banjo, Brett guitar og keys og begge bidrager med vokaler. Duoen, der oprindeligt havde base i Chicago, Illinois, men nu om dage hører til i Albuquerque, New Mexico, er bedst kendt for sangen “Far From Any Road” fra albummet “Singing Bones” (2003), der således fungerede som tema-sang for den både populære og kritikerroste TV-serie “True Detective” (2014). The Handsome Family albumdebuterede med “Odessa” i 1994 og har siden udgivet yderligere ni album, hvoraf “Unseen” (2016) er det seneste. Mens duoen i de indledende år havde et vist fokus på rock-musik, så koncentrerer Sparks-parret sig nu om dage om et mere afdæmpet og afbalanceret americana-udtryk.

Interview med Rennie Sparks
What can the audience expect from the show?
“Something like the horrors of a Bosch painting mixed with the bright happy colors of Walt Disney. Lives will be changed forever.”

What merch do you bring?
“We’ll have some of my artwork as well as some CDs, LPs and vinyl singles. I will also hide gold coins all around the venue.”

Which song do you prefer performing live?
“A mix of old and new songs. Whatever I can remember the chords to and Brett can remember the words. Sometimes he has to tell me the chords and I have to tell him the words during the song. It makes for a very slick, professional performance.”

How have your most recent concerts been?
“Utter chaos, like the explosion at the start of a universe or the sucking sound of a black hole devouring a star.”

What is it like touring as husband and wife?
“We have never toured any other way so we don’t know. We try not to look at each other or speak to each other. We are like two cats trapped in a small apartment that don’t get along. We tip toe around the litter box expecting attacks from all angles.”

Which live act (band and/or artist) is your favorite – and why?
“Arthur Deller, the amazing UK counter-tenor. His voice came from another dimension and did not match his mustache or beard at all. A great mystery. Currently Brett is obsessed with how Frank Sinatra breathed when he sang a phrase. This may be signs of a new zen approach to singing or Brett may be skipping his medication. Time will tell.”

What are your plans for the summer and autumn?
“Accusing all our neighbors of being perfect replicants of our real neighbors, but really intergalactic super-intelligent reptiles with shape-shifting powers of telepathy. Also laundry. A lot of laundry.”

Beslægtede navne
Bonnie “Prince” Billy
Steve Earle
Lucinda Williams
Townes Van Zandt
Gillian Welch
Uncle Tupelo

“There’s a pleasing congruence between the way that the surreal invades the ordinary in Rennie Sparks’s lyrics, and the way that Brett Sparks’ voice and music illuminates that invasion.” (The Independent, 2016 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

“Unseen may not cheer you up, but it will compel and fascinate anyone with an appetite for great songwriting.” (AllMusic, 2016 – læs hele anmeldelsen)

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